In cacao plantations shaded by E. Similar results were found by Abo-Hamed et al. Annual Report, Cocoa Res. Please sign me up! Bulletin of the United States National Museum. In this case, the role of ABA seems to be in maintaining rather than initiating apical bud quiescence Abo-Hamed et al.

Amelonado and Amazon leaves. According to Valle et al. Clearly, the greater concentration of radicels was observed near the irrigation pipe B. Heavy shade not only reduces seed yield Zuidema et al. To conclude, we could say that Cote d’Ivoire might be in a potential danger but the government try to take to best measures to protect the country and the market.

Usually under field conditions the flushing cycle is activated by environmental changes Almeida et al.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

Incompatibility in cacao was first reported by Poundwho verified the occurrence of changes from self-incompatibility to self-compatibility during certain periods of the year. According to Aneja et al.

Le cacao en Côte d’Ivoire : étude de géographie régionale – Persée

Furthermore, extended exposition to high light intensities damages the leaf photosynthetic mechanism Raja Harun and Hardwick, a. However, the cycle persists under constant conditions Orchard et al. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In a pe and manurial experiment in Ghana strong reductions in yield were observed due to shading Ahenkorah et al.

According to Gama-Rodrigues et al. Clearly, dissertaton greater concentration of radicels was observed near the irrigation pipe B.

Ecophysiology of the cacao tree

Sale PJM Flowering of cacao under controlled temperature conditions. This was also observed by Gama-Rodrigues et al.

The removal of PF leaves at the I-1 stage also promotes reduction in the apex dormancy period. Glendinning DR Selfing of self-incompatible cocoa.


dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

Ng E Potential cacao photosynthetic productivity. Hutcheon WV Growth and photosynthesis of cocoa in relation to environmental and internal factors.

Orchard JE, Saltos MR The growth and water status of cacao during its first year of establishment under different methods of soil water management.

They proposed that a new flush occurs following an interflush period in which the carbohydrate supply is replenished; with the return of a favorable carbohydrate balance a new leaf flush takes place. Furthermore, in that area the mean air temperature at the eighth week, and solar radiation and insolation of the ninth week exert great influence on flushing, while the period of decreasing energy solar radiation, temperature and PDD coincides with the months in which no flushing occurs Almeida et al.

In several videos I watched about the cocoa’s market about the ebola I had some more information about the impact of the disease on the market.

Although there is no recognizable abscission area in the flower pedicel at anthesis, within 24 h starch grains appear in the pedicel cortex, in the neighborhood of the incipient abscission area, and cell separation begins in the epidermis at mm from the point of pedicel attachment to the tree trunk Aneja et al.

Also, these authors reported a high level of autopollination in auto-incompatible trees of some genotypes.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

Also, there are inter- and intra-specific variations for the orthotropic growth pattern Batista and Alvim, ; Garcia and Nicolella, It also depends on soil type and consequently water retention capacity Zuidema et al. In the two-pipe plots the pivotal roots reached a depth of 1.


Cocoa and Development in Cote D’Ivoire

In the traditional areas the root system is almost all concentrated in the first 0. On the hypostomatous cacao leaf surface Hardwick et al. Sale PJM Growth, flowering, and fruiting of cacao under controlled soil moisture conditions. Application of ABA always extends the inactive period.

Low temperatures affect mainly vegetative growth Alvim et al. Consequently, the resistance to water movement was low and CO 2 assimilation rates were higher. There is some evidence that a high number of pollen grains is beneficial for overall pod set Hasenstein and Zavada, and that a high proportion of pollinations results from the visit of a single pollinator Yamada and Guries, There are positive correlations between yield and rainfall during months that precede harvest Alvim,where rain distribution is more important than its magnitude Atanda, She answers to the question of a potential rise again of the price.

Specifically in regions with low access to inorganic fertilizers, the multistrata plantation is used to maintain soil fertility with the subsequent increase in nutrient availability for cacao Isaac et al. Besides, there is a strong negative correlation between the number of flowers produced and the endogenous content of IAA, while the content of ABA did not differ between the two sets Hasenstein and Zavada,