The actual comparison between the predicted and actual pattern might not have any quantitative criteria. Add this document to saved. Biodanza in Healthcare Residences: The validity of the documents should be carefully reviewed so as to avoid incorrect data being included in the data base. How does Fairfield University plan to meet current demand for service while preparing for strategic long term goals?

This process should be guided by prior theory Perry, Single cases may be used to confirm or challenge a theory, or to represent a unique or extreme case Yin, Application of a Case Study Methodology. The completed questionnaires were returned to the office of the Academic Vice President. Please log in to set a read status Setting a reading intention helps you organise your reading.

The hypothesis was that there is no significant difference between the responses of the two groups of respondents with regard to the factors relating to the rate of technology acquisition. This data gathering activity was co-sponsored by the Education Technology introdduction. While the case study method has traditionally been classed as soft research, the properties described above actually make case studies particularly difficult to execute well Yin, Since the Levy case study of the University of Arizona, there has been very little literature relating to the pace of acquisition of information technology at institutions of higher education.

All analyses were carried out using SPSSx version 7.

tellis w 1997 introduction to case study the qualitative report

What patterns of acquisition emerge from the current computing environment and the perceived needs for computing? To describe the intervention itself 4.

tellis w 1997 introduction to case study the qualitative report

The methodology recommended by Yin and others was adapted for use at Fairfield University. Most recently, as part of his role as an operations analyst in the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation DSTOthe author has been engaged in case studies in the domains of operations management, leadership, and organisational learning.


Explanatory case studies may be undertaken to investigate causal relationships; hence, they are mainly used for theory testing. Each section begins with the procedures recommended in the literature, followed by the application of the recommended procedure in the current study. Application of Recommended Procedure The results of this study will be presented in a future article in this publication, and will include a detailed description of procedures and the results derived from the statistical tests.

It is typically a system of action rather than an individual or group of individuals. As surveys are usually considered as the preferred method for theory testing, providing clear justification for the use of deductive explanatory case studies is imperative Barratt et al. European Journal of Information Systems, 4 2 A methodology for human studies. It is worth noting that some journals are more receptive to case-based research than others.

Tellis, W. (1997) Introduction to Case Study. the Qualitative Report, 2(3)

qualltative Please log in to set a read status. Taxonomic analysis, which may follow domain analysis, adds another level of complexity by assuming that words can have different meanings and distinct connotations for different people.

tellis w 1997 introduction to case study the qualitative report

The intersection, a critical Planning pedagogy, should be a guiding principle of all Planning curricula. The Case Study Process, adapted from Yin,p.

tellis w introduction to case study the qualitative report

School Psychology Quarterly, 26 1 Justifying the qualutative of qualitative case studies to researchers experienced with the method and the problem domain can be challenging. Besides being widely used in academia, the method is also popular with practitioners as a tool for evaluation and organisational learning.


Qualitative Case Study Introducyion Analysis of revenue and expenditures from fiscal year – The choice of the research method is determined by several factors, including the type of research question, the control an investigator has over actual behavioural events, and the focus on contemporary as opposed to historical phenomena Yin, Recognising deductive processes in qualitative research.

These stages are presented together in the following section, since they are interrelated. Not all sources are essential in every case study, but the importance of multiple telils of data to the reliability of the study is well established Stake, ; Yin, A purposeful approach to the constant comparative qualitatuve in the analysis of qualitative interviews. The six sources identified by Yin are: The issue of generalization has appeared in the literature with regularity. The observations could be formal or casual activities, but the reliability of the observation is the main concern.

What is happening in the program as a whole, and why?